Cat City football looking up

The Cathedral City High School football team may have lost 62-32 to Banning Friday, but it was,honestly, the best they’ve looked in years.

Against a team that is not a complete bottom feeder, (and Banning shut out Hemet a week ago), the Lions were able to move the ball through the air and sophomore quarterback Davin Lile proved that he could very well be the qb to do that for the next few years.

In his first game on varsity he threw two touchdowns and for more than 200 yards.
Head coach Richard Lee is the best thing to happen to the Lions on the sidelines in at least five years. His disciplined work ethic and logical play calling may win the team a few games this year despite their extreme youth.
Of course, in the interest of competition many are often waiting for one of the bottom three teams in the Desert Valley League to crack into the top three. And while — after watching Indio and Cat City both play this year — I feel comfortable in saying Cat City is the best of the underdogs. However they are probably still a year or two away from breaking into playoff contention.
Unfortunately for Banning High School (or maybe, more appropriately, me), the food there was merely average. The usual fare was all they had: You know, small store bought hot dogs, warm soda (which they ran out of), nachos and cheese pizza.
I had a chili dog, a soda and some candy. It was pretty lackluster.